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The 14 Ways To Better Health

7 Ways to Good Air Quality:

Control Moisture Sources:
  • Vent bathrooms, kitchens, clothes dryer, stove hood and toilets directly outdoors.
  • Fix water leaks and clean up within 36 hours after floods
  • Ventilate in cold weather
  • Dehumidify or air condition in warm weather (RH< 50%)
Control Dust Mites and Animal Dander:
  • Wash sheets weekly in 130F
  • Vacuum mattress, chairs and carpeting
  • Replace pillows every five years
  • Install solid surface floors in bedrooms
Eliminate Combustion Gases:
  • Use outdoor air supply for fireplace, wood stove
  • Use outside vented stove hood when using gas stove
  • Use sealed, power vented water heaters and furnaces.
  • Eliminate non-vented combustion sources
Eliminate Toxic Pesticides:
  • Eliminate highly toxic pesticides
  • Discard synthetics exposed to pesticides
  • Reduce air concentration with carbon/zeolite
  • Use least toxic controls -
Eliminate Volatile Compounds (VOCs):
  • Store toxic/volatile compounds outside living space
  • Use safe paints and sealers (No VOCs)
  • Open windows to handle high polluting events, such as the use of home cleaning products, hobbies, painting
Reduce Particulates:
  • Use a 3M Filtrete 1250 or better furnace filter
  • Replace filters regularly
  • Use hard floor surfaces rather than wall-to-wall carpet
  • Use a True HEPA filter equipped vacuum cleaner
Improve Ventilation:
  • Provide a minimum amount of outside air by"
    • Using whole house mechanical ventilation
    • Cracking open a few windows

7 Ways to Lower Electromagnetic Radiation::

Reduce Communication Energies: Communication Towers/Antennas:
  • Use building materials that reflect EMR
  • Distance from cell, radio and TV towers
Reduce Electric Fields:
  • Unplug devices within 6 feet of bed
  • Move clock away from bed or get a battery clockEliminate electric blanket, pads, and waterbed heaters
  • Eliminate extension cords, power strips near bed
  • Turn off circuits supplying bedroom
Reduce Magnetic Fields:
  • Unplug Electronics
  • Move clock away from bed or get a battery clockUse flat-screened TV and monitor
  • Keep distance from sources
  • Fix wiring problems causing unequal current flow
Reduce Static Electric Fields:
  • Avoid using plastic floor and wall coverings
  • Wear natural fiber clothing
Geopathic Magnetic Fields:
  • Avoid metal bedsprings, bed frames, headboards
  • Sleep in the N-S direction with head to the north Light
  • Increase natural light (20 min outside per day)
  • Use UV admitting window glazing (plastic, quartz)Purchase special full spectrum lights (Ott lights).
  • Use spectrum corrected fluorescent lighting

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