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Cell Phone Protection
iPhone Radiation Reduction

Pong Case
Pong Cell Phone Case I have reviewed over the testing of the Pong product paid for by Wired Magazine. This was done in a reputable lab the standard way and shows the product does what they claim by reducing radiation from the face of the phone by 1/3.

This is the only substantive development I have seen amid all the claims made by dozens of protective devices. I recommend getting the shield.

HOWEVER, I have not seen any study that ties brain damage to power rate, so there is no way to know if this reduction is sufficient. YET, the reduction is so significant I can't see not availing yourself of the development. As we have discussed, texting is a far safer way of using the phone and should be the predominant communications method.

BioGeometry Icons
ADDITIONALLY, based on personal knowledge, I recommend the addition of one more device to your cell phone. The Cell Phone Sticker Please go to scroll down to this item.

 The Cell Phone Sticker I personally know Dr Karim, the developer, and this technology has been test out in Switzerland and shown to stop the medical problems caused by cell tower radiation in the Swiss town of Hemberg. Return my web site after 6/12/13 to see a report of this study.

I have these two items on the back of my iPhone. The "L" is at bottom over antennas and other one is centered on the battery over left half at the midpoint of back.

For Galaxy the "L" icon is in center of back over battery. For the other icon, location this is problematic as there are two antennas at the bottom and one at the top of the phone. I'd recommend locating it at the bottom because of the two antennas.
 Download Hermberg Mobile Radiation Study

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