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Dirty Electricity

Clean and Dirty Electricity Many years ago before the discovery of solid state devices now found in all electronic equipment, the electricity that powers our homes, buildings, and factories was like a meadow in the country, gently varying, quiet, harmonious and clean. Today our electricity is no longer harmonious, quiet, gently varying and clean. It is filled with abrupt changes in character described as dirty electricity or dirty power. This dirt is much like noisy static you might hear on a radio playing wonderful classical music. The underlying music is there and it could be beautiful and relaxing, but all that static is too irritating, and you change the station or turn off the radio.

Unfortunately, with dirty electricity turning it off is not possible. Dirty electricity is everywhere in our environment. You are generating this dirt in your very own house, as are your neighbors and the office down the block and the factory in the industrial part of town.

The dirt is produced by the workings of all of our electronic equipment like, computers, TVs, radios, microwaves, light dimmers, digital clocks and cell phone chargers.

The dirt follows the electrical lines around your house and out of your house following the wires that supply electricity to your house. The neighbor’s dirt and the office’s dirt, and the factory’s dirt follows the same paths and ends up in every house, office and factory.

We have assumed, until recently, that this form of energy is not biologically active. However, recent research tells us that this dirty electricity is biologically active. When filters to reduce the dirty electricity were installed in homes and schools, symptoms such as chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, body aches and pains, ringing in the ears, dizziness, diabetes, impaired sleep, memory loss, and confusion were reduced.

Based on this early research it is estimated that as much as 50% of the population may be hypersensitive to dirty electricity; children may be more sensitive than adults and dirty electricity in schools may be interfering with education and possibly contributing to disruptive behavior associated with attention deficit disorder (ADD); dirty electricity may elevate plasma glucose levels among diabetics, and exacerbate symptoms for those with multiple sclerosis and tinnitus.

Exposure Standards
Work in this area is in the early stages, however, measurements of dirty electricity using a special meter sensitive to the dirt show the following:

Meter Reading (GS units) Rating
Less than 20 Ideal
20 to 30 Acceptable
Over 30 Unacceptable

Special filters can be installed in certain electrical outlets to clean up the dirty electricity in each home or office.

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Reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics, Multiple Sclerosis     Symptoms, and Headaches
Graham/Stetzer filters significantly reduce radio frequency electrical noise on indoor wiring generated by computers, energy efficient lighting, dimmer switches, and entertainment units within the home or workplace and transported into buildings by power lines from neighbouring property. The resultant improvements in power quality in homes and in schools are associated with fewer and less severe headaches, more energy, lower blood sugar levels for diabetics, and improved balance for those with multiple sclerosis.

The health effects of electrical pollution
Americans are surrounded by electrical devices – computers , VCRs and a plethora of household gadgets and consumer appliances. There is also the assumption that the electricity (and associated electrical phenomena) are safely confined to the wires carrying electricity and to the electrical devices themselves.

Historical evidence that residential electrification caused the     emergence of the childhood leukemia peak
A peak in childhood leukemia, ages two through four, emerged de novo in the 1920s in the United Kingdom and slightly later in the United States (US). Electrification in US farm and rural areas lagged behind urban areas until 1956. In recent years, childhood leukemia has been associated with residential electromagnetic fields.

Dirty Electricity and Electrical Hypersensitivity:
    Five Case Studies

Deteriorating power quality is becoming increasingly common in developed countries. Poor power quality, also known as dirty electricity, refers to a combination of harmonics and transients generated primarily by electronic devices and by non-linear loads. We have assumed, until recently, that this form of energy is not biologically active. However, when Graham/Stetzer™ filters were installed in homes and schools, symptoms associated with electrical hypersensitivity were reduced.

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