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How do I learn More?
Building Biology™ is a word used to describe a paradigm shift in consciousness that promotes and teaches the use of healthy building principles as a means to improve living and work spaces and the health of people who occupy them. This movement started in Germany in the 1970's and provides information not available through any other course of study in the world. Education is provided by the Institute for Building Biology and Ecology.

This movement is characterized by the terms biological, ecological, sensitive to nature, healthy, vital, human, organic, high quality, cultural and holistic.

What types of Education are Available
Educational programs include Home Study Courses that will satisfy a need for personal education to improve your environment.

There is an ever expanding online study program that you can start on today. Online registration is available now.

Additionally, a Seminar/workshop Series is conducted every year that provides the latest information in the field along with hands on experience in evaluation and improving environmental health factors in buildings.

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