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The following web sites offer useful information for people who wish to improve all aspects of their environment.
A web site and advocacy group helping victims of asbestos exposure. The site connects visitors with resources to understand and fight asbestos related diseases. Services include free literature; access to nursing staff; matching patients to qualified local doctors; support groups; VA benefits; Social Security Disability application; Legal options.

pH Living
pH Living pureHome Technology™ is everything you don't see. It's the fusion of our Research and Development, and our health supporting construction techniques backed up by meeting the Healthy Home Standard (PDF) of the Institute for Building Biology.

Whether you are looking for a brand new home or want a sanctuary within your existing home, we can help. Our pureHome Technology™ is everything you don't see. It is the fusion of our Research and Development, and our health supporting construction techniques.

We are dedicated to producing the healthiest and most sustainable living environments on the planet, using the most transparent of processes.

Since Livingreens founding in 1999, its mission has been to provide customers and clients with products, services and information to support a healthier lifestyle and environment. Utilizing the Livingreen developed Shades of GreenTM product selection program, Livingreen carefully evaluates and chooses the products offered according to a life-cycle rating criteria. Livingreen has stores in Santa Barbara, Montecito and Culver City.

Barefoot Health: Earthed Sleeping Products
Earthing Technology is a recent discovery showing the need for barefoot contact with the earth in order to maintain optimal health. Modern science has determined the benefits of standing barefoot on the earth: Relief from pain and chronic inflammation, Relief from stress and muscle tension, Better sleep and recovery, Improved circulation, Improved athletic performance, Improved emotional and mental balance, Restoration of normal biological rhythms. Connecting to the earth while sleeping provides rapid reduction in inflammation and pain, and relief from numerous degenerative conditions.

Bio Integral Resource Center
specializes in finding non-toxic and least-toxic, integrated pest management solutions to urban and agricultural pest problems.

Debra's List
One of the best clearinghouses of information about environmentally friendly products and resources.

Dedicated to providing information on all aspects of the health issues surrounding electromagnetic fields. Listen to the Experts video and audio material is particularly good.

Fragranced Products Information Network
A comprehensive web site on health, environmental, and regulatory aspects related to fragrance.

Human Action Ecology League (HEAL)
Information about the health effects of environmental exposures and a source for information about your environment and health.

Institute for Building Biology
The place to go for education and products for creating safe living spaces.

Swedish Electrosensitivity Network
Information in English about electro sensitivity and health effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Redspin — the place to go for penetration testing and network security audits.

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