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Throw Away Your Microwave

Most people think that microwave ovens do not have any negative health consequences.  After all, if they did the government would not allow this product on the market. Think again.

The Soviet Union conducted extensive microwave reserarch after finding German microwave ovens and research data at the end of WWII. Unhampered by capitalistic trade associations, Russian research has been more extensive than that in the US. This article summarizes early Russian and other more recent research.

Microwave ovens use electromagnetic energy that vibrates 2.4 billion times per second.  This energy acts on the molecules in food, particularly water molecules, causing them to rapidly vibrate. This rapid movement generates friction and thus heat.  Vibration is so violent that molecules are often torn apart or distorted, thereby changing the chemical makeup of the food. Additionally, this appliance leaks microwaves into the environment around it.

Studies of the thousands of Russian workers exposed to radar microwaves in the 1950’s showed health effects so severe that the Russian microwave oven leakage limit was set at 0.0000001 watts/cm2. This limit is 1000 times less than the US leakage limit.

Later microwave ovens were totally banned in the Soviet Union (1976) after highly sophisticated measurement equipment enabled the following discoveries:

  • Break down of the human life energy field or chi.
  • Degeneration of cellular voltage parallels in blood and lymph systems.
  • Degeneration/destabilization of internal cellular membrane potentials.
  • Degeneration and breakdown of electrical nerve impulses within the brain’s cerebrum.
  • Degeneration and breakdown of nerve electrical circuits and loss of energy field symmetry in the nerve centers of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Long term cumulative loss of human and animal vital energy within a 1600 foot radius of the equipment.
  • Long lasting residual effect of magnetic deposits located throughout the nervous and lymphatic systems.
  • Destabilization and interruption in production of hormones and maintenance of normal hormonal balance.
  • Markedly high disturbance in alpha, theta and delta brain wave leading to memory and concentration loss, suppressed emotional threshold, slowing of intellectual processes and interrupted sleep.
  • Long term and irreversible depolorization of tissue neuroelectric circuits.

The following summary of Russian microwave food science is courtesy of The Atlantis Raising Educational Center, Portland OR.:

Carcinogenic compounds were formed in virtually all foods tested under normal cooking conditions.  For example:

  • Prepared meats: Formation the carcinogens d-nitrosodienthanolamine.
  • Milk and cereal grains: Portion of amino acids converted to carcinogens.
  • Thawing frozen fruit: portion of glucoside and galactoside fractions converted to carcinogens
  • Short exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables: Portion of plant alkaloids converted into carcinogens.

And the nutritional value was altered in almost all foods. For example:

  • Structural degradation:  A 60 to 90% decrease in nutritive value.
  • Vitamin and minerals: Decreased bio-availability of vitamins B, C, E, essential minerals and lipotropic factors.

In 1991 Dr. Hans Hertel a retired Swiss food scientist and Lausanne University Professor Blanc did a ‘blind’ study of the effect of microwaved versus ‘normal’ foods.  They found changes in blood chemistry indicative of an early pathenogenic processes similar to the start of cancer. 

The changes:

  • Decreases in all hemoglobin values.
  • Increases in hematocrit, leukocytes and cholesterol values.
  • Decreases in the ratio of good to bad cholesterol.
  • Decrease in white blood cells following ingestion of microwaved food.
  • Evidence that microwave energies are passed to the cells via the blood.

In 1992 a Swiss court issued a gag order against Hertel and Blanc. In 1993 Hertel was convicted of “interfering with commerce” and prohibited from publishing. In 1998 the European Court of Human Rights held that the gag order was contrary to the right of freedom of expression. Switzerland was ordered to pay Hertel compensation.

The US government is characteristically silent when it comes to these matters and little research has been conducted in US. Today microwave ovens are in 90% of America’s kitchens. Most people think that microwave ovens do not have any negative effect. After all the government would not allow this product on the market if it had negative health consequences. Think again.

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