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New Home Design, Construction and Remodeling
   · Site Selection Considerations
   · Building Positioning Considerations
   · Building Radon Control
   · Building Materials Insulation
   · Interior Finishes Furnishings
   · Electrical System and Shielding
   · Indoor Air Quality Heating and Cooling Systems
   · Air and Gas Filtration
   · Humidity Control for Fungal
   · Dust Mite Control

Analysis and Remediation of 'Sick' Buildings
   · Magnetic and Electric Field Testing and Mitigation
   · Testing and Identification of Air Contaminants
   · Mold, Mildew, Bacterial Sampling
   · Pesticide Testing
   · Volatile Organic Compounds Testing
   · Remediation of Dampness Sources
   · Detection and Remediation of Earth Energies

Household Water Purification
   · How it is Accomplished
   · What Systems to Buy
   · Why one System is Better than Another

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Radio Frequency (RF) Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning
   · Measurement of the risk of RF exposure
   · Identification of sources of radiation
   · Development of a plan for reduction of risk
   · Go to the Radio Freq. Survey page for more details

Please contact us for more information.

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