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"A very belated note of BIG thanks for all your time and direction in the rebuilding of our new home in Laguna Woods. We shall never forget your kindness! We wish you, your wife and family the very best always!"
— ES and AS in Laguna Woods, CA

"Thank you so much for calling me back for a consult even though it was during the holiday. It helped to be able to talk about those high magnetic field measurements."
— A.R. in Wickliffe, OH

"Thank you again for working on instructions for the test procedure. You are right we won't need it for awhile. Also thank you for helping us with this project and all the rest over so many months. It means so much to be able to get your assistance. A.R., Ohio. I wanted to thank you for all you did for us. I can already see and feel some difference. We will keep in touch with you and let you know of our progress."
— J.O., Mission Veijo, CA

"You are so important to the health of our family and meanwhile to our friends too. You are also a treasure of a human being and I am glad to know I can always turn to you for advice."
— U. B. in Manhattan Beach, CA

"Larry Gust's environmental assessment is an adventure in discovery - discovery of the underlying causes from mold to radon to electromagnetic fields that are undermining health and vitality. In my own case, thanks to his comprehensive evaluation of the EMR measurements in every room in my home, we discovered that there was "stray" voltage from an outside power line impacting the master bedroom. When the situation was resolved - in no small part due to his follow-through with the utility and telephone companies -my erratic sleeping patterns and heart palpitations were resolved overnight. There were also a myriad of other findings with detailed explanations of summaries and action plans regarding proper ventilation in the garage, remediation suggestions for my office and overall air quality improvement. In my personal opinion, Larry Gust's professional services are not just a luxury but a necessity in this day and age of toxic overload. He gets five stars in my book!"
— Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. C.N.S.
NY Times bestselling author of the Fat Flush Plan and of the soon to be published "Zapped".

"Yes, we did get your awesome report! Thanks so much! We had the plumber replace the control valve & gas supply line on the water heater & now I don't get headaches! We bought corded phones & now sleep in the downstairs bedroom with the power supply off (love it). School for me is getting ready to begin & I feel ever so much better without the WIFI, cordless phone, leaking gas & the fact that we are now sleeping in a room w/out the electric on! (Have lots more energy)! Bless you for your assessment, dedication , compassion & hard work in helping us clean up our home environment! We are the better for knowing you! We will keep in touch & have already begun to share parts of your report with others."
— Marilyn in Dana Point, CA

"I am feeling much better today compared with how I was when you came to my house to do an audit in September 2008. I clearly remember your insisting on doing an electrical audit to check for leakage. I also remember how resistant I was and how I insisted that I only needed you to check for chemicals because I only had MCS and no problems with electricity. I finally decided that, I since was brain fogged from my exposure and you had more working brain cells than I did, I needed to pay attention to you. So, I agreed and you went to work doing your thing. You gave me the answer as to why I'd had "screaming eagles" in my brain ever since moving to my house, it was the electricity field in the house. You not only told me what changes to make but also told me it took 18 to 24 months for the damaged cells to repair themselves.

If I made the changes, I would give my cells a chance to repair and thereby give my body a chance to recover from the toxic exposure I'd experienced at work. That gave me a proactive plan to follow. I still have eagles in my brain however now a days they are baby eagles and they just chip unless a cell phone is near me. The other wonderful thing is that I am now not as reactive to chemicals as when we first met. I believe it is because of the multi-fold approach I have taken over the past year and a half since my exposure, of which your suggestions are part of. Thank you so much for your help and the part you played in my regaining some of my health back."
— Mara in Ventura, CA

"This report is fabulous!! We are thrilled with all the information you gave us and also your practical solutions. My husband is willing to make these changes, due in no small part to the information/studies included in your report. Thanks so much for your help!"
— Meredith in Foothills Ranch, CA

"First I read, then I had a good cry for all the years I have sat in this soup. Then I got to work. I can't wait to speak with you. Thanks so much for changing my life."
— Nicole in Santa Monica, CA

"I wanted to thank you for all you did for us. I can already see and feel some differences. We will keep in touch and let you know of our progress."
— Jeanette in Mission Viejo, CA

"Thanks again for tooling out to glamorous East Hollywood to tour my rambling, trendy, upscale, Silverlake lodgings. I find that since your visit I need much lower amounts of the supplements [that] I am taking."
— Jeff in East LA, CA

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